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Monday, May 11, 2009

Territorial Pissings

We recently played a nearby tavern and were subjected to a predictable series of technical outages and sound person neglect. Not to be thwarted by such obstacles, we played hard (and slung many beers). During a discernibly quieter song, a glassy-eyed fool meandered up to Ryan's microphone and started trying to yell into it.

"You guys are too LOUD," he kept whining. "We can't TALK."

He was smoothly butted out of the way with a guitar neck; however, intoxicants and loud music had stirred up some ire in this guy. He literally kept poking his way into our song and was determined to interrupt us until he was coaxed away.

Outside the bar as we left for the evening, a different reckless drunk climbed a brick wall and fell at least 10 feet - landing flat on his back with a CRACK.

"I think it's serious," said his friend.

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