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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Matter How Far You Drive From The City

The summer proved fruitful for us. We went on a little tour, breathed some clean air in the maritimes, and wrote loads of new songs. We'll have a new album in the works by early next year. We're in no hurry, as writing is cathartic and experimenting with new songs is invigorating. With a few new tricks up our proverbial sleeves, we'll be having more fun than ever in the new year.

Change likely awaits us next year.
Life outside of music can feel a bit stagnant, and finding new scenery may be near the top of our long 2009 to do list.

Speaking of which, yesterday American voters elected a new president.
Congratulations, our war-ravaged and economically disabled neighbours to the south.
You're in for two terms of historic changes.

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