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Friday, May 27, 2011

Playing Catch (Up)

Well, it has been a while.

The last few months have been pivotal, but aren't they all?  We produced our third album, The Madness Of Crowds, and released it digitally for free.  Sure, we made a few copies on disc - but who's going to buy them?  The album is big, meaty, lyrical.  A mere 8 songs.  A bit less heavy, perhaps.  Not what you might expect to hear from us, but hopefully just what you might expect to hear from us.  

The spring brought us back to Ontario for a few shows, for a couple of spectacular tattoos from our friend Ben Ryan at Berlin Tattoo.  Scrounged for a few great meals at Aux Vivres (Montreal), Rancho Relaxo (Toronto), Calactus (Moncton), and Cafe Pyrus (Kitchener), that drained our wallets but filled us up.  Saw old friends and family, The Kills in Toronto (and nervously met Alison Mosshart), and were pleasantly blown away by old pals Whoop-Szo.  Occupied a gorgeous thrift store, Lost & Found, with our friends air/fire who graciously down their sonic punk astrology.  Played and enjoyed ourselves live on local radio and performed a rare acoustic set surrounded by vinyl on Record Store Day.

May as always boasts the most beautiful weather of all, and Bob Dylan's birthday, which also happens to be my own.  The Atlantic infuses us with its vitality.  We once again played Long Live The Queen festival, well-executed by a spirited team of talented people, caught up with Mayor McCa, one of our favourites, and finally watched him play again.

The rest of the spring will find us booking tours, making a lot more music videos, and mixing our  follow-up to The Madness Of Crowds - coming sooner than you think.