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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Decade Long Writer's Block

We are determined to tour our next album The Madness Of Crowds, preferably all over this country and a few others. This is an album whose scope both musically and ideologically overwhelms us both.
This is not always the case.
This has grown exponentially.
This is not a local album.
We are not a local band.

So we want to tour and tour, yet we have to dig for funds in painful places to manufacture the albums themselves. We trust, of course, that they will be taken quickly off our hands - such a small run - but never in our history as a band have we profited one cent.

Things we have lost, and lost.
Money gone as creatively, we have won.

We don't all share the same ambition, and the same sole bank account.
We don't all rattle our brains day and night, incessantly searching for truth.

Do we?

We want to take off in our car, as always, but further than always. That part is easy. The difficult part is embarking on a profitable endeavour - that which we have never sought out as a band. We've always dug ourselves in deep. Deeper.

But now, the time has arrived. Time has run out, yet all we have is time. In order to play our music before an audience, we must recuperate our lost daily earnings. So crude to speak of it that way; the beauty of performance shrouded.

Isn't this what all bands want?
Why is it taking us so long?
How will we do this?

The music is there.
The music is here, always.
We must help it find its way.

Reach out for it, for us.


Without any more ado, we present the "Death Rattle Blues" cassette.

Those who 'ave ordered copies will receive them post-haste.
Those who 'aven't, buy a tape from us at cost.