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Monday, October 25, 2010

Full Moon Pop Explosion Coverage

A pre-festival feature about us in The Coast.

Audio, and a couple of reviews of our all ages live-to-air show in the CKDU Lobby.
Audio is crude, but isn't it all these days? Unfortunately, our full set was not aired due to apparent time/programming constraints.
You had to be there.
The Broken Speaker
The Coast
The Line Of Best Fit

Live clip of "Run Forever" at the Seahorse:

A *Noisography reviewer thinks that there are too many guitar and drum duos these days.
No shit. We've been doing this for many years, and have encountered dozens upon dozens of duos that have  made a minor hipster splash, and then quickly come and gone. Apart from a solid core of seasoned musicians who find their groove in two instruments, forming a two-piece band is a massive trend; one whose roots aren't entirely without merit. It's a tough world for bands right now, with very little money and attention to go around, and a lot of folks seem to think it's easier to function merrily as a duo.

It is most assuredly not.

We're a married couple and committed rock and roll musical partners for life.
So our two-piece guitar and drum band, trendy or not, ain't going nowhere.

*Photos and review from Noisography.
Note: Scroll down, and read all the reviews from our show. It was a crazy night.

Photos of our Seahorse set from Richard Lann.

We also tired ourselves out and attended quite a few festival shows.
Highlights for us included Crosss, Dog Day, Bad Vibrations, North Of America, Air/Fire, and Rockets Red Glare.
'Tis a shame that we missed C'mon, High On Fire, and Feuermusik.