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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cursed Arrows Are Moving To Halifax


Cursed Arrows are relocating
to Nova Scotia
in the coming Autumn months.

We've been mulling this over for years.
We wanted to give the full extent of ourselves
to our home province
before we left,
and that,
we have done.

A couple hundred live shows,
and two self-produced albums.

Now is the right time for us to move.
(There is never a right time.)
To keep moving.
To tour more than we stay in place.

We can't afford this move monetarily,
but ideologically,
it is the most reasonable option.

To be poor by the ocean,
instead of these lakes.

We've got a massive third full-length album
ready to record.

Demons already unleashed.
Goodbyes already said.
We've sung and screamed.
We've learned and been burned.



The Coast was kind enough to pick up on our news,
and write about it.

The Kinetic Band Shuffle

1 comment:

Dan said...

Ontario will miss you guys! :/