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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Convicta Et Combusta

The last month has been a flurry of shows, videos, photos, lyrics, reviews, a giant oil spill, a nearby financial summit, and a local earthquake.

The recent heat (spawning storms and lung-thwarting smog), combined with our umpteenth move of domicile, and our ongoing hunt for practice spaces, have contributed to a sense of impermanence in our surroundings...

But we are permanent.

We're accustomed to playing every day.
We have been doing so for at least three years.
The transition from daily to biweekly practices has been traumatic; we get out of shape.
One can always play guitar; we're approaching writing songs in different ways.

We find solutions, but they are temporary.

We're writing songs for our next album, and can safely say we're more than halfway.

These songs are closer to our hearts than ever before.

1 comment:

Daddy Charlie said...

I sit waiting humbly for your next record. I know you two will deliver.
Now just get to the States and you will have my money, all of my worthless Yankee money.