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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Album TELEPATHIC HIGH FIVE Now Available!

Pre-Order our album "Telepathic High Five"
from Noyes Records NOW
and receive two bonus songs in MP3 format!

(CDs will ship in the next couple of weeks.

We greatly appreciate any and all of your support, and are ready for you to hear the last few years of what happened in our heads.

We know you will like this.


We effectively formed in 2006 as R's previous post-punk band was winding down, and his solo albums were piling up. Our telepathic connection and combined artistic frustrations lead us to start writing loud songs in our basement apartment, armed simply with a tiny amp and an awful drum kit.

Our first release, "Knives Are Falling From The Sky," was a guttural stab in the dark. We had no idea what we sounded like, but we couldn't stop writing and stayed holed up for months. The songs ended up being compared to Nirvana, The Melvins, Sonic Youth, and The Pixies - proving to us that our musical leanings did, indeed, make themselves apparent through the simple chemistry of an album we considered our first attempt as a band.

Several equipment upgrades, a band name expansion, and many live shows later, we are ready to release our second album, "Telepathic High Five." The ten songs on this record reveal our mutual infatuation with the murderous symbolism of Fritz Lang's 'M,' David Suzuki's poignant environmental literature, and the horrors that unfold when humankind exploits every living resource in its quest for power – a Darwinian nightmare.

From the sparse humanity of the films of Gus Van Sant, to the domestic surrealism of Roman Polanski, to the mystical and subtly political paintings of Norval Morrisseau, we are constantly inspired. We've learned over the years that music is the language we use to express our love and our hatred for ourselves, each other, and everything that surrounds us.

We hope that the sounds we make conjure potent imagery, stimulate basic emotions, and conversely, trigger rational analysis of our status as people. Humans are lonesome rulers of the world, trapped in a self-imposed horror show with our thoughts and our images; our music and words.


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