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Monday, July 14, 2008

Rules Of The Road

After a recent train-wreck of a Hamilton show lineup, we decided that maybe we're going about everything all wrong. Being courteous, intelligent, and respectful of other bands isn't getting us anywhere, so these are some new rules that we've established to shoot us all straight to the top.

- If you're the first of four bands on a bill, make sure that you play for an hour and twenty minutes. Then when the house lights are flashed for you to stop, play an unwanted encore.

- There is no such thing as too many extended guitar solos.

- Walk into the crowd (or at least wave the guitar neck over people's heads) while in mid-solo. They love this. You can mix it up too, because don't forget - the more solos the better.

- You're not really rocking out unless you put one of your feet on the stage monitor. Make a gross face while you do this for added effect.

- Call members of your band derogatory names and shout "cheers for beers" between every song. It's classy, and you get extra points for consistency if you make sure that you say it between every song.

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